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It's easy. If you haven't already, navigate to and sign up for TrackMaster Past Performance Downloads. Select the Data File (XML) option, select a track, and select a date. Then click the "Request Download" button to download Trackmaster Past Performances data for the TrackMaster fee of $1.50. Remember where you saved it on your device. You're going to need to submit that file to our processing service.

Register FOR FREE with Thoroughwiz, and purchase credits for access to our processing engine. After successfully submitting your Trackmaster .zip or .xml file, you will receive links to Throughwiz Data Sheets featuring the TWIZrank to aid in your handicapping strategy. Your data sheets will be available for 4 days from the processing datetime. View sample sheets.

*Note: Trackmaster Charges $1.50 for the data file.

We charge $2.50 per TWIZ credit. This allows you to process the TrackMaster data file, and produce the Thoroughwiz data sheets. One TWIZ credit equates to one data submission.

We have a 10 credit package that costs $12.50 for a 50% savings over the single credit price!

All credits you purchase will be available on your account home page. They never expire, and can be used at your discretion.

We will soon offer a daily subscription rate.

Our subscription package offers unlimited daily access to run your sheets.

Your data sheets will be available for 4 days from the processing datetime.

Our processing engine will only accept Trackmaster .zip or .xml past performance data files. You may upload either file type and our processing logic will do the rest.

Our responsive design is optimized to perform on all current operating systems, user agents, and mobile devices including smart phones and tablets.

Some things to consider:

  •   The generated Thoroughwiz data sheets are best viewed on larger screens, simply because they will be easier to read.
  •   If you use your mobile device to access TrackMaster to obtain the past performance data file, you must retrieve the file from your mobile device; it will not be available on your other devices. However using a service such as Google Drive will solve this issue.
  •   Some user agents (internet browsers) will not behave as expected with our application. User agents are constantly being updated with new features and support while sometimes deprecating older support features. We welcome any user experience reviews, both good and bad, in regards to browser experience.

You may use the following email address with your questions or concerns.

Thoroughwiz WILL NOT provide a refund for any reason including termination of this Agreement except in the case of a customer being incorrectly billed due to an error that is the fault of Thoroughwiz.

Thoroughwiz WILL provide a partial or full refund to the Customer's account for any product prior to its 4-day expiration for any of the following reasons:

  • The product purchased by the Customer contained data for the wrong track.
  • The product purchased by the Customer contained data for the wrong date.
  • The product contained incomplete data (except in the cases where this is explicitly notated).
  • The product's data was corrupted (either blank or not human-readable).

For more information please read our Terms of Service.

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